Spring Cleaning
in the community.
Drew Playground.

Ms Linda Kemp founder of Bringing The Peace contributes to beautifying Drew Playground with local residents planting and grooming.

Bringing The Peace Inc.

Community Equity Sustainable Outcomes


Bringing The Peace Inc. mission is help foster community wellness through advocating, educating and providing opportunities that promote sustainable outcomes . The work we do at Bringing The Peace is aimed at providing a holistic approach to solving some of our society’s biggest challenges; Violence, Social Cultural despair, Health Equity and Socioeconomic uplift . We make sure our participants are empowered by creating opportunities for individuals within their communities.The concept of our mission is collective impact creating collaborative efforts too positive change. After chatting with local community resident especially youth and young adults in high crime area of  Morrisainia, founder Linda Kemp wanted to create a safe passage organization  where  opportunities work together to create a message that people could genuinely see and make POSITIVE CHANGE for themselves , family and society by engaging in activities that foster PEACE of ” Mind, Body and Spirit. #bringingthepeace 

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Teaming up with stakeholders in the New York City area and beyond, we Started “Bringing the Peace” Initiatives creating opportunities to engagements, services and resources that paired local residents youth  & seniors with resources and opportunities that were needed to build better health and  community relationships and now moving on to address socioeconomic determents.

Over the years, through community service we together BTP   !

Let's Talk Real Talk
Restorative Justice

Bringing The Peace core is lead by strengthen relationships between individuals as well as social connections within communities through Restorative Justice Practices .  At BTP Initiatives we are devoted to education, social and  professional development from the ground level, Gathering in a  circle is a versatile restorative practice that can be used proactively, to develop relationships and build community, or reactively, to respond to wrongdoing, conflicts, and problems. Our Circles can be used as a tool to teach social skills such as listening, respect, and problem solving.

” The Restorative Justice model “

The Crew

 Parts of the team you can rely on 

Bringing The Peace couldn’t get a fraction of the things done if it wasn’t for our awesome collective impact partnerships.

Ivy Brown of the Metropolitan Martin Luther King Center for Non-violence, our computer training department partner, helping to find new ideals and  programing that meets the current and future needs of the individuals we served. 

Latia Johnson-George LMSW  our social worker and counseling support. Addressing issues that effect individuals and community dynamics , working to facilitate and  develop awesome curriculums that initiate self driven accomplishments .

Robert Graves  our media support capturing our impact initiatives and  community outreach ; supporting our efforts and teaching the skills of photography  


Ms. Linda Bringing The Peace in initiatives and community engagements that support sustainable outcomes. by promoting relationship building, ownership and individual responsibility through Community Service Opportunities. The Peace Games, where building better relationships with our local area youth  and NYPD’s Officers  other private and public agencies that service our communities, 


Bringing the Peace Health 365 Initiatives proactively addressing  health disparities that affect our marginalized population in greater degrees than others like Health concerns in Women of Color Breast Cancer, Diabetes, Anti-violence and restorative justice Initiatives , Community wellbeing, Physical and Mental Exercise, Food insecurity, Community Beautification, Multigenerational engagements supporting health..  Mind Body and Spirit  .