We Creating a small winter wonderland in the season of giving to bring some joy to children of COVID and families suffering personal and economic loss needing reciprocity of the Joy of giving to uplift the spirit and hope of others
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Dear Community Partner

Wishing you peace and glad tidings this Holiday season; We spoke some time ago during the onset of our COVID pandemic regarding community support funding and hopes that t is able to help in kind monetarily or with theme in kind donation. I am reaching out to you in hopes of in kind support I am trying to create a small winter wonderland in the backyard area of the Robert Fulton Terrace residence located at 530 East 169th street  ; where there are 321 family units and Bringing the Peace initiatives would like to transform the area into something unforgettable in the neighborhood 😊 I believe that this would lift the spirits of the Seniors and young children and young at heart residents in the community to see holiday lights and Christmas ornaments and cheer during the ever changing times in 2020. Our communities have experienced much loss this year , and the children whos world has completely been turned upside down are in need of social and mental wellbeing support . I would like to brighten the spirits and neighborhood this COVID Christmas . I am unable to do this alone so I am reaching out to our community partners and stakeholder for a little support . We are also excepting toys, items for seniors, food, monetary and holiday outdoor decorations donations . personal and corporate donations as COVID has impacted our ability to provide as usual. So we are humbled and grateful for all considerations



Peace & Blessings

Linda L. Kemp

Bringing The Peace Initiatives

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